Body Posture Psychology – Happy Body Makes Happy Thoughts

“Body Posture Psychology – Happy Body Makes Happy Thoughts” written by Bren Koger.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Fake it til you make it.”

Better yet, fake it until you become it by assuming the body posture of who you want to be.

We’ve all heard our body language affects how others see us, but did you know your non-verbal body language governs how you feel about yourself on a biological level??

And we’ve all hear our thoughts affect our bodies, but did you know your body posture can affect your mind? Posture psychology is something not to be readily dismissed.

Body Posture Psychology and the Forced Smile

Try this…Hold a pen in your teeth.

Body Posture Psychology

This simple exercise uses the same muscles we use to smile, and fools our bodies into making us feel more happy.

Body Posture Psychology: Fake It Until You Become It

In her Ted Talk, social psychologist Amy Cuddy says that assuming certain postures can fool our mind and body into thinking we are more…

  • Assertive
  • Confident
  • Comfortable taking risks

These high power poses can actually emit hormones that elicit confidence (testosterone) and suppress stress hormones (cortisol).

And the opposite can be true for a closed off posture.

This is not only important on a daily basis, but how about when you’re…

Body Posture Psychology Before Meetings

on your way to an important meeting or date and you check your email and messages one more time before you go in?

This is the worst thing you can do for your confidence level and here’s why…

Looking at your phone involves hunching up and looking small. Our shoulders are rounded- a closed off posture. This sends a message to your body that you feel less confident and you are bringing less of yourself to the meeting. This subconsciously tells your body you are trying to get smaller and be less of who you are.

Body Posture Psychology 2

Improving Body Posture

Tiny tweaks can make big changes in life.  So for 2 minutes before an important meeting or date, instead of checking your phone, go somewhere private like an elevator or the bathroom and assume some power poses like this

Body Posture Psychology - Wonder Woman

You will get an increase in confidence hormones and lowered stress hormones. You will feel more assertive and “be” the best possible you.

Juila Lamm, yoga instructor and founder of Mobile Blooming Wellness advises to check yourself with this simple exercise.  Assume a closed off posture by hunching over and rounding your shoulders. Now try to take a deep breath. Then put your shoulders back, sit up straight, arms open and take a deep breath. Notice the difference in how deeply you can breathe when sitting up straight with an open posture. Power posing can change your life in meaningful ways by opening your chest to breath easier and connect with your hearts space.

The New You & Posture Psychology

Don’t shut off who you are..bring more of yourself to an important event.

The world will benefit from your confidence, passion and enthusiasm.

Put your shoulders back… be yourself.

Accept your greatness.

It can significantly change the outcomes of your life.

Body Posture Psychology 3

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Article:  Body Posture Psychology – Happy Body Makes Happy Thoughts

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