Complaint Free Days Give – Road to Prosperity

Complaint Free Days Give – Road to Prosperity.

I have a confession: The 21 day complaint free challenge is something I have tried and failed to complete several times.

I’d first heard about the challenge from Edwene Gaines’s amazing book ” The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity,”  where she advises you to go 21 days (that’s how long it takes to form a new habit) without gossiping, criticizing, or complaining. The goal of being to increase your prosperity through this process.

I’ve tired it several times and could only last about a day. ☹

I’d almost given up.

It’s not that I consider myself a negative person. In fact, every day I  bring to mind things I’m grateful for, I am vigilant about what I watch and listen to, and I surround myself with positive, vibrant people, for the most part, but what I struggled with was  how I communicated my wants and needs without complaining.

Definition of a Complaint

The definition of a complaint from Webster’s is: a statement that a situation is unsatisfactory or unacceptable.

Complaint Free Days Give - Road to Prosperity - 2I didn’t know how to let people know (Mike) that a situation was unacceptable to me without coming across as complaining.

So I, mistakenly, thought in order to complete the challenge I needed to not talk about what was bothering me at all.

I found that this can only work for so long ( for me less than a day.) And ultimately is not healthy for a relationship.

Turning Complaints into Prosperity

Then I listened to an audio book called “Complaint Free Relationships” by Will Bowen. It gave me the missing pieces I needed to complete the challenge,

In his book, Will Bowen gives an example of  a time when he stayed at a 5-star hotel while he was traveling. As he was getting ready for bed, he realized there was an annoying noise outside his window. It was a vent fan on the roof that was making a screeching noise every time it rotated. He knew the noise would keep him awake and he desperately needed to get sleep that night. He could have called his wife to complain or notified the hotel manager, but instead he went to the front desk and said,” you’re probably not aware of this, but there is a noise outside my window from a noisy vent  fan. I would like you to switch me to another room please.”  Not only did they get him a new room, but they gave him a penthouse suite.

The two things that I learned from this that allowed me to finish the challenge were …
1) He had positive energy attached to his request.
2) He offered a solution

He took his request from complaining to communicating.

“Complaining is focusing on what we don’t want,” “It’s talking about what’s wrong, but if we just switch the energy to a solution and ask for what we want in a positive way not only will we, more than likely, get a favorable outcome, we will be happier and the people around us will be happier too.

Benefits of communicating vs. complaining:

1)  It’s a focus on the solution, not the problem.

2)  It makes us happier.

3) Those around us are happier.

4) Studies show If you see and say things in a positive light, you will live longer, be  healthier, have more money, have more friends, AND have a better social life.

That sounds pretty prosperous to me!

I challenge you to take the 21 day complaint free challenge with me!

I would love to send you a purple bracelet from Will Bowen’s 21 day challenge book. I have 10 I will give out to the first 10 people to comment to this post.


Complaint Free Days Give - Road to Prosperity

You will start with the bracelet on one wrist and switch it if you catch yourself complaining. The goal is to keep the bracelet on one wrist for the entire span of 21 days. At the end of the 21 days you will have developed a positive habit that will bring more and more positive energy into your life and you’re well on your way to more and more prosperity.

I will send a purple complaint free bracelet to the first ten people to comment below… make sure you check back afterwards so I can get you’re shipping details.



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Complaint Free Days Give... Road to Prosperity  - Bren Koger

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