How to Create My Own Website


How to Create My Own Website” written by Mike Marko.

People often ask me, “how do I create my own website?

The answer usually surprises them.

And it is because creating your own website is VERY easy… and I’m going to tell you what I tell them.

This blog post is going to go into more detail how to answer the question, “how do I create my own website?

Create My Own Website – Where Do I Start?

It is easy to get stuck wondering, “where do I start when I want to create my own website?”  It is easy be stuck by paralysis by analysis and not proceed past this basic question.

So let me walk you through this.

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When I Create My Own Website… What Should It Be About?

The first step is to determine what your website should be about… pick your niche.  Having a narrow niche really helps with the success of your blog.

“If you market to everyone, you market to no one.”

I am not sure where this quote came from, but it holds a lot of truth.  You can’t have a successful website if it targets a HUGE range of visitors.

If you don’t know what your topic should be, I recommend reading the blog post, How to Blog – How to Choose a Blog Niche [5 Tips for Picking a Profitable Blog Topic].

What Will You Market On Your Website?

Most likely, you want to build a website to make money.

But do you know what you want to promote?

There are a lot of different types of affiliate programs you can choose that will make you money.  I recommend picking a core offer that fits your niche, and then select supporting products.

The follow video discusses how to pick a core offer.

If you are looking for a core offer, here is the one we recommend.

Determine What Level of Customization You Want

There are a lot of different platforms for creating a website.  Many are easy to use.

But do you pick a free or paid website?

If you are looking to make money online, then I recommend using a paid website instead of a free website for several reasons:

  1. You have more control over your ad space.  If you use a free website they will want to have control of the advertising space like in the top banner, and in the side banners.  That is prime areas to collect emails for newsletters, or advertise products.
  2. You have more control over how your blog looks.  When you have a paid website you often have more control over the look of your website.
  3. You have control over the content.  This may seem like an odd comment, but free sites are actually not that free.  You have to be careful about how much promotion you post on them because I have heard of entire free sites being shut down for no reason given.  Imagine putting in months’ worth of work only to have it erased by the click of an admin’s mouse.

So back to level of customization, you need to decide on how much you want to be able to control the look and feel of the website.  Do you want to be able change the top banner, the blog format, the menu buttons, etc.

I prefer WordPress for my website.  In fact this website was created using an Optimized Press theme for WordPress.  Themes are different formats you can select to help customize your site easier.

And Now Hosting…

Yeah, you even have to decide who will you pay to have your website on their servers so that the website is up on the internet.  There are several hosting companies out there.  Big ones like GoDaddy are pretty good, and there is quite a bit of competition.  You’ll have to upload your blog to one of these hosting companies.

So You “Asked How to Create My Website”…

Remember I told you it was easy?  Yeah right, you are probably saying now.

Fortunately there is a way to avoid a lot of the work in setting up a website.

I have two recommendations for website platforms that INCLUDE hosting for the website.

The first is the Viral Blogging System that is a simple system that you can use to get you up and running quickly.  You can get more details here.

Now if you are interested in a more powerful, customizable website that can really be used as a marketing site, then I recommend the Influx Entrepreneur Marketing Website.

Both of these sites are pretty easy to setup and you can start adding content right away!

Here’s to your future success!

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How to Create My Own Website  - Mike Marko

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Article:  How to Create My Own Website

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