Daily Action Guide: Facebook Checklist

Daily Action Guide: Facebook Checklist.

This is a guest blog from fellow online marketer, Andy Sergerie.  We hope you enjoy his blog post.

Your daily action guide to building your business and/or brand online using Facebook.

Consistently is Key! This checklist is made for the person who is serious about building their brand online by using a Facebook Fan Page.  If you don’t have a Fan Page and you want to build your business online using Facebook, consider getting yourself a Facebook Fan Page.

Facebook Checklist for Your Daily Action Plan

Below is my daily action plan I implement every single day for success.

1. Log into your account every day to check all new notification. Make sure you are responding to everyone who comments on your page, responds to your status updates, and those who are asking questions on your page.

2. Respond to all messages and engage by asking questions about the person contacting you. People love to talk about themselves and what they do. Engaging in conversation is your job here. Take time to actually look at their profile and find some commonalities.

3. Post a status update on your Facebook Fan page as your Fan page persona, 7-10 times a day (depending if your full time or not). Give VALUE. Don’t pitch! A simple way to schedule your posts out for the day is to use the Facebook schedule your posts option underneath the status update before you click submit. If you use the scheduler be sure to

a) Post status updates with pictures

b) Post status updates with video

c) Post simple to answer questions, trivia

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4. Consider promoting your posts through Facebook advertising by using promoted posts. Promoting your posts will increase your exposure to your fans and ultimately will increase your engagement of your page. You can also use Facebook ads to create a promoted post and create a better targeted audience.

5. Check your Facebook ads DAILY. Optimize your ads for better performance and pause ads that are not performing well. TEST TEST TEST is key here.

6. Pick 5-7 other Fan pages in your niche to follow and interact on. Look for opportunities to respond to their status updates, other fans questions, and respond to status update threads which have several comments, shares, and likes. Do this activity EVERYDAY!!

7. Reach out to 5-10 people everyday and introduce yourself, find a similarity between the two of you and build a relationship with that person by asking questions. Genuinely be interested in the person. Don’t lead with your wallet. It’s all about building up your contact list and approaching them about your business when the timing is comfortable and right; Example: “Hey John, I saw you in the xyz group. I love the fact that you like xyz. What do you do John? Looking forward to hearing from you soon. YOUR NAME.

8. Show up in 2-3 groups that are within your niche. Be picky about the groups you choose to join and make sure it’s not just a pitch fest. There are some groups on Facebook that offer pure value and support to it’s members. These are groups you want to be a part of and participate in daily. Become an authority figure in that group by reaching out and answering questions for others and by interacting daily.

9. Don’t randomly request friends, in fact with Facebooks new guidelines requesting friends can actually now get you blocked from using that feature. Same thing goes with sending messages to people who aren’t your friends. If these friend requests and/or messages go unanswered Facebook will penalize you and ban you from using these features anywhere from 7-30 days to permanently.

10. Focus on engagement and building your list.

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I hope you enjoyed this post from Andy.

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Article:  Daily Action Guide: Facebook Checklist

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