What is the Ideal Body Type for Men or Women? Thoughts About the New Wonder Woman

What is the Ideal Body Type According to Both Men and Women?  Thoughts About the New Wonder Woman.

When we think of the most beautiful women in the world, we typically think of models or beauty pageant winners as the ideal physical beauty. When I worked in the fashion industry in NYC, as an intern, the runway models were beautiful, tall rail-thin, young girls of 15-18 years of age with no curves or defined muscles, and a typical beauty pageant winner is about 5’ 8” 115 lbs. in other words, women with a petite body type.

So It’s interesting to hear of the recent backlash for the choice of Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder’s new DC movie Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.(If you’re not sure who she is, her name is Gal Gadot. You might remember her as Mark Wahlberg’s girlfriend in the movie Date Night and Miss Israel of 2004) The consensus is she doesn’t have a big enough visual presence;  not enough body mass, not strong and powerful enough!

One of the biggest criticisms that is usually lobbed at superhero movies—whether it’s DC, Marvel, is that they’re extremely man-centric. Therefore, the backlash for the choice in the role of Wonder Woman might be because if more men are watching these types of movies then the opinions about her body type will be more male dominated and men and women think differently about a women’s ideal body type.

What is the Ideal Body Type for Men or Women - Thoughts About the New Wonder Woman

So What is the Ideal Body Type?

We all know that ideal body type changes with time from the curvy Gibson girl of 1900 to the ultra thin twiggy of the 60’s era, but did you know opinions also vary by gender? In the following chart it’s interesting to note the difference between men and women’s idea of the ideal women’s body type.

What is the ideal body type for this century?

What is the Ideal Body Type for Men or Women - Wonder Woman -2

The main difference between men and women’s idea of a woman’s physical beauty is that, as a rule, men tend to think the ideal body type for women is a little thicker. It has more physical presence. Women tend to think an ideal body type for women is more like celebrities Jennifer Anniston and Gwenyth Paltrow, petite and thin. Men typically choose more curvaceous bodies like Kim K and Scarlet Johnson. They like long, muscular legs, but not too muscular, (no 6 packs) athletic, toned, (but not too muscular or defined) with long flowing hair, not a rail-thin runway model or beauty pageant winner.

With all that said, maybe the very idea of an ideal body type doesn’t even matter.

In the real world when looking for that ideal partner, even though we are aware of the ideal body type, it’s not like we reject people if they don’t have perfect bodies.  We decide our life partners on many more important factors like personality and character. Whether or not someone is an ideal body type does not make them Wonder Woman at the end of the day.

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What is the Ideal Body Type for Men or Women? Thoughts About the New Wonder Woman - Bren Koger

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Article:  What is the Ideal Body Type for Men or Women? Thoughts About Wonder Woman

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